Instant Station Departures

Live CTA locates your nearest CTA station instantly, and displays that station's real-time estimated departures.

For upcoming trains, it shows the following information:

Destination station, minutes until departure, and route color.

Tap this icon to select other stations nearby.

Selecting Other Stations

If you want to see departures at other stations, you can quickly select a station by distance from you, or from an alphabetical list.

You can use this feature to plan any potential transfers at other stations and make sure you have enough time to transfer.

What Happy Users Are Saying

Monica E
This app is easy to use and to understand. Will definitely use it more often!
Jonathan R
Live CTA keeps me updated on the trains’ activity which helps me know what I can expect from my morning commute.
Charly M
Using this app definitely helps me cut a few minutes from my commute every day by avoiding being confused as to which my train options are.

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